Equipment Rental

Conference Equipment

In order to ensure seamless deliberation both by the conference organizers as well as the guests and participants, we at DY+ Language Solutions take it upon ourselves to eliminate any possibility of hindrance that could arise from any multi lingual conference by not only providing you with the professionals to anchor the conference, but also with the necessary interpretation equipment to power and effectively manage the entire conference.

DY+ Language Solutions rely on cutting edge technology to provide qualitative digital audio meeting highest industry standard. Our team of professionals have over the years served in a sizable number of parallel and simultaneous local and international conferences so much that we often pride ourselves as being among the best and foremost conference service provides in Nigeria. As regards the rental, installation and management of interpretation equipment we stand as an authority and a force to reckon with in Nigeria. This team of professional technicians are constantly available to ensure that all system remains under optimum performance all trough the duration of the conference or international meetings.

Do give us a call today as our rate are as approachable as our services are reliable.