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Here are a list of the local languages that we specialise in. Here we provide transcription services in Nigeria as well as outside the country.

The Nigerian Pidgin is widely spoken in all parts of Nigeria and west Africa. It is a combination of most standard English vocabulary and other unique vocabularies gathered from words from other local dialects within Nigeria.

The Yoruba language has its origin in western Nigeria and it is very popular in the entire country. It stands as one of three major local languages spoken in Nigeria.

The Hausa language is also one of the most spoken dialects in Nigeria and serves as the medium of communication to the people of the Northern part of the country. It is also largely spoken in many parts of Mali, Chad and Burkina-Faso.

Famous as one of the most industrious group of people in Africa, the Igbos, as a people, stand at the forefront of trade and commerce across Africa and they always take the Igbo language with them where ever they go.

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